Update Sept. 2018

It’s been two years since I self-published Two Shores (originally as The Archangel of Hamilton Beach)!  Hard to believe.  It’s still available by the former title on Amazon in eBook format, which is where most of the book’s reviews can be found.

I plan to post to this blog much more often than I have since I started it.  Posting excerpts from the novel are my first plan, to give visitors to my blog a sense of Danny and his story.

It’s been a journey writing this novel, rewriting it, and then self-publishing.  I’ve also enjoyed helping other writers publish their first books.

I hope you will buy and read Two Shores.  Danny would enjoy that. :- )

You Won’t Be Disappointed!                                Two Shores

Let’s Write! creative writing classes

Hi. Please visit my Let’s Write! website at LetsWrite.com for more info.

Let’s Write! creative writing classes are for anyone who wants to write, whether new at it or if you’ve been writing for years.  Fiction or nonfiction, it doesn’t matter, though I admit I prefer working with fiction. However, nonfiction uses most, if not all, the same aspects we use for fiction.

I love helping people find their voice and give life to their stories. We all have stories. Life is all about stories.  After all, there is not much difference between fiction and nonfiction in the end, is there? :- )

If you are interested in writing classes, at fees you can afford, post a comment and let me know, and … Let’s Write!

Take care of yourself and don’t take anything too seriously.