Title-Change for My Novel

Whose Title Is This Anyway?

Have you ever changed the title of your book after it was published?  Well, I did that about a year ago.  The original title had come so naturally, The Archangel of Hamilton Beach, (you have to read the story to know why :- ). 

I think somebody told me it “didn’t do anything for” them and I listened and came up with Two Shores which is okay and fits pretty well Danny’s being torn throughout most of the story between the east and west coasts, but Two Shores doesn’t really contain the true crux of the story for Danny on as personal a level as the other.  The archangel thing comes long before the two shores dilemma and runs throughout the story like a thread through a scarf. 

Times Change

One of the good things about self-publishing is that you can go back and make changes (though sometimes they charge you a hefty fee), but sometimes I get carried away so I’m glad I’m not paying for this change.

I’m not planning to stay with Amazon.com exclusively anymore, if at all, and definitely not for the paperback version. Battling The Evil Previewer KDP (I miss CreateSpace!) which defeats you long before you ever see a physical proof is not my idea of a good time.  But for now, to keep it simple, The Archangel of Hamilton Beach will stay there as eBook, though I am taking down the paperback and artificial not-so-much-intelligence Previewer can … well, you get the idea.

Which Way Did They Go?

Last year when I changed the title to Two Shores on Amazon my reviews stayed with the first title, so that the same story by its new title had to start over with the reviews (all 5 stars, by the way—just saying…. (Hey, my mother and the rest of the family loved it!).  (I copied the reviews from the first title’s page and pasted them into the Description for the book by its new title).  Of course, now that the eBook is back on Amazon by its original title (The Archangel of Hamilton Beach) it got its reviews back, which I’m happy about.

Now, I’ll be going through that again in the reverse title-wise but only with the eBook on Amazon, because I plan to print my paperback elsewhere (going to try Sweek) and sell it through this blog and my other one, www.LetsWrite.com. [Update: Sweek was a no-go. See The KDP Previewer Hates My Paperback, Part 2].

There will be benefits for doing that (God willing) like the fact that I’ll be able to offer the book at a lower price and also won’t have to wrestle with the aforementioned Previewer to get my book printed (see The KDP Previewer Hates My Paperback (Part 1) on www.LetsWrite.com).

Taken It To The Limit One More Time

So, as we speak, I am in the process of changing the title back, do a whole new cover (I’m no expert, but I have fun with it).  I’ve changed the name of this site from Two Shores back to The Archangel of Hamilton Beach which it was originally, though both addresses will get you here, TwoShores.net or TheArchangelofHamiltonBeach.com.

Actually the title Two Shores could work for the sequel whenever I get back to working on that, though I probably won’t use it.  I had started a sequel but always seem to find other things to do (or write) that get in the way.

Leave Them Alone And They’ll Come Home…

Also, the plot for The Archangel of Hamilton Beach pretty much wrote itself, like its original title did.  Not so the sequel, though most readers of Two Shores (The Archangel of Hamilton Beach) have asked me for a sequel, which is nice, and I shouldn’t keep them waiting much longer.  But I’m having to think a lot harder and be a lot more creative for this one.  The first story the characters wrote on their own.  I’ll have to talk to them to get moving on the sequel.  Maybe once I give them back their title, they’ll come back with an update?

Any Ideas?

Well, thanks for putting up with me, and sorry for any confusion on the titles.  At some point, I’ll be happy to stop using both titles.  Any comments on changing titles or other parts of your published books (or tips on writing sequels) would be appreciated! 

July 2016 Finally (self) Published!

Well, it’s finally (almost) done. (July 2016) The Proof copy of my 257-page novel (font size 13) is in the mail from CreateSpace (talk about feeding the monster). Oh well, we use the bad for the good as much as we have to in order to do some good, right?

It’s been a long time since I started Archangel. I don’t believe in evolution of amoebas to men, but I do believe in the evolution of writers and their books along with them, over time. As I have changed over the years since the inception of this story, so has the story changed (bringing many necessary edits and revisions–not exactly the same things–see my Let’s Write! blog for more on writing).

So the little boy in the picture above is the proverbial Danny from the cover of my novel. He’s the main character, such as he is, bless his heart. By the end of the novel (and before the sequel) he will be age 24.

On CreateSpace it’s listed with the BISAC code (subject category similar to the old Dewey Decimal system) of a Coming of Age story. Believe me, it didn’t start out that way but one never knows—and maybe one should not know when he or she starts out to write a novel or short story.

I’ll write more soon. I’m getting back into the blog mode (which I was never really in to begin with, so please bear with me). Your encouragement is welcome, and Danny appreciates it. :- ) Thank you.