I Haven’t Given Up on This Novel!

Hi. This is a much-delayed note to say–in case you were wondering–I haven’t given up on this novel.  I’ve been meaning to write here but have been sidetracked (to put it VERY mildly).  I am still working on this novel.  I had finished it for my MFA degree in creative writing and several people have read it in that “finished” (not) form.

I got some wonderful feedback on it, where readers really felt my characters to be real people (which they are–in my imagination–but then what’s really “real,” anyway, right?).

Both as a result of feedback and also my own continuing nagging feeling (coming from the characters) that this book wasn’t done, and that I had major revisions to make, I have begun to do just that—REVISE on a major level, though the essential story of the book is the same.  The excerpts on this site will essentially remain unchanged, but the later chapters and scenes will be a bit different.

But I am not necessarily posting as I revise, since revision does not usually happen chronologically. But eventually, this novel will reemerge, when its time is here.

Part of the delay is that I have begun various versions of the possibilities of a second novel (no, not a sequel), though with the revisions, a sequel some have asked for to Archangel shouldn’t be necessary.

Well, take care and thanks for visiting.

PS– Danny & Co. say hi!  :- )