July 2016 Finally (self) Published!

Well, it’s finally (almost) done. (July 2016) The Proof copy of my 257-page novel (font size 13) is in the mail from CreateSpace (talk about feeding the monster). Oh well, we use the bad for the good as much as we have to in order to do some good, right?

It’s been a long time since I started Archangel. I don’t believe in evolution of amoebas to men, but I do believe in the evolution of writers and their books along with them, over time. As I have changed over the years since the inception of this story, so has the story changed (bringing many necessary edits and revisions–not exactly the same things–see my Let’s Write! blog for more on writing).

So the little boy in the picture above is the proverbial Danny from the cover of my novel. He’s the main character, such as he is, bless his heart. By the end of the novel (and before the sequel) he will be age 24.

On CreateSpace it’s listed with the BISAC code (subject category similar to the old Dewey Decimal system) of a Coming of Age story. Believe me, it didn’t start out that way but one never knows—and maybe one should not know when he or she starts out to write a novel or short story.

I’ll write more soon. I’m getting back into the blog mode (which I was never really in to begin with, so please bear with me). Your encouragement is welcome, and Danny appreciates it. :- ) Thank you.


I Haven’t Given Up on This Novel!

Hi. This is a much-delayed note to say–in case you were wondering–I haven’t given up on this novel.  I’ve been meaning to write here but have been sidetracked (to put it VERY mildly).  I am still working on this novel.  I had finished it for my MFA degree in creative writing and several people have read it in that “finished” (not) form.

I got some wonderful feedback on it, where readers really felt my characters to be real people (which they are–in my imagination–but then what’s really “real,” anyway, right?).

Both as a result of feedback and also my own continuing nagging feeling (coming from the characters) that this book wasn’t done, and that I had major revisions to make, I have begun to do just that—REVISE on a major level, though the essential story of the book is the same.  The excerpts on this site will essentially remain unchanged, but the later chapters and scenes will be a bit different.

But I am not necessarily posting as I revise, since revision does not usually happen chronologically. But eventually, this novel will reemerge, when its time is here.

Part of the delay is that I have begun various versions of the possibilities of a second novel (no, not a sequel), though with the revisions, a sequel some have asked for to Archangel shouldn’t be necessary.

Well, take care and thanks for visiting.

PS– Danny & Co. say hi!  :- )

Forgive me!


This is just a quick note to my loving (and loved!) fans and “followers” to say I am sorry that I have not posted anything in a long time.

I am working hard to finish my novel in order to finish my master of fine arts degree (already got one time extension!) and haven’t wanted to take time away from that important task to edit and post the first chapter (everything’s a priority!).

But I will do that soon, I promise, while I work on the (tentative) ending so I can submit it to university, so you can follow Daniel in his trials as a kid in Queens.

Thank you ever so much for bearing with me. I plan and promise to be more productive after passing this MFA deadline!

Take care of yourselves in the meantime. Stay healthy, which usually means don’t let ‘em get ya down!

Stay strong and sure of your Self who is your best friend and all you really have in the end.

Thanks for taking time from your busy day to read this!


The Archangel of Hamilton Beach, my novel

Hi. Welcome to my site.

I’m honored that you have landed here. There are so many other places for you to be right now, so it’s a pleasure to have you reading my words. My only hope and the only reason I write is that something, even just one thing, will make a difference for you, a good difference, and make your life just a little more pleasant.

The Archangel of Hamilton Beach is the title of my novel, a work in progress. I have the two last chapters left to do and LOTS of revision, so PLEASE keep in mind this is still a rough draft.

But I will be brave and post excerpts here and thoughts on the novel and writing in general, and probably on life itself.

Above is the very beginning of the book and the first part of the first chapter, and Excerpt 2 follows.

I hope you’ll take a minute and read at least some of it, and if you have another minute, maybe you’ll leave me a comment.

Peace and Freedom