July 2016 (First) Proof Copy Has Arrived!

(First) Proof Copy Has Arrived! (July 2016)

Well, my Proof copy came today. Very exciting. Almost in tears. I realized I love my book, my characters (even the “bad guys” (or girls). I just last week was saying you have to love your characters, at least the main character, because if you’re writing a novel, chances are you will be with him or her for quite some time.

Of course, there are some changes to make, so I needed to fix some page spacing right at the beginning, i.e., blank pages that should be there aren’t and vice versa. Never sure if it’s me or CreateSpace (amazon.com) but things can get very glitchy (including doing an ebook with Kindle).

Then I realized I forgot to add a credit for the front cover photo, though I don’t have to because it’s copyright-free from pixabay.com (morguefile.com is good,too). But I wanted to give the photographer credit.

So after CreateSpace approves my last changes (an hour ago) I’ll have to add that, then re-convert it to a PDF file, then re-upload the file to CreateSpace, then re-wait for their approval, then re-order another proof. Sheesh!

It can all be daunting though not as daunting as the promo stuff that still lies ahead. I know, I should have already been doing that, but…I’ll be lucky to get myself out there promoting post-book, let alone pre-book. What can I say? I’m a writer not a promoter or marketer (or blogger, though that’s changing now).

Thanks for listening! Please stay tuned.

July 2016 Finally (self) Published!

Well, it’s finally (almost) done. (July 2016) The Proof copy of my 257-page novel (font size 13) is in the mail from CreateSpace (talk about feeding the monster). Oh well, we use the bad for the good as much as we have to in order to do some good, right?

It’s been a long time since I started Archangel. I don’t believe in evolution of amoebas to men, but I do believe in the evolution of writers and their books along with them, over time. As I have changed over the years since the inception of this story, so has the story changed (bringing many necessary edits and revisions–not exactly the same things–see my Let’s Write! blog for more on writing).

So the little boy in the picture above is the proverbial Danny from the cover of my novel. He’s the main character, such as he is, bless his heart. By the end of the novel (and before the sequel) he will be age 24.

On CreateSpace it’s listed with the BISAC code (subject category similar to the old Dewey Decimal system) of a Coming of Age story. Believe me, it didn’t start out that way but one never knows—and maybe one should not know when he or she starts out to write a novel or short story.

I’ll write more soon. I’m getting back into the blog mode (which I was never really in to begin with, so please bear with me). Your encouragement is welcome, and Danny appreciates it. :- ) Thank you.