The Archangel of Hamilton Beach, my novel

Hi. Welcome to my site.

I’m honored that you have landed here. There are so many other places for you to be right now, so it’s a pleasure to have you reading my words. My only hope and the only reason I write is that something, even just one thing, will make a difference for you, a good difference, and make your life just a little more pleasant.

The Archangel of Hamilton Beach is the title of my novel, a work in progress. I have the two last chapters left to do and LOTS of revision, so PLEASE keep in mind this is still a rough draft.

But I will be brave and post excerpts here and thoughts on the novel and writing in general, and probably on life itself.

Above is the very beginning of the book and the first part of the first chapter, and Excerpt 2 follows.

I hope you’ll take a minute and read at least some of it, and if you have another minute, maybe you’ll leave me a comment.

Peace and Freedom